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It's Worse - Jays fall 5-4 and blown another 9th inning save in the process

Well at least this one was closer... that's something right? 

It was noted during the broadcast and in the game thread that the Jays were a ridiculous 19/36 in saves vs opportunities. This is nuts no wonder no lead ever seems safe with this team. We team has tried multiple options in the ninth inning and nothing ever seems to work. Tonight Farrell tried to use Marc Rzepcyznski and after a walk and error he left the game with 2 runners on without getting an out. Jon Rauch proceeded to come into the game and allow the two runners to score although it is kind of hard to blame him completely, first batter is a sac bunt to move the runners up, second batter is a suicide squeeze done perfectly, 4th batter they IBB Josh Hamilton and finally a double to Michael Young over a spinning Corey Patterson in RF. Yes it was a hard hit ball but what the heck was Corey Patterson doing in the field on that play? Come on man, if you can't hit you at least have to play some defense, you are supposed to be better in the corners then in CF but everything has just left you at this point. Honestly, I am not sure if he could have got to that even if he played it proper but with the path he took he gave himself no chance at all.

The game wasn't completely without some bright spots. The Jays in general played some good defense tonight. Edwin made a couple of really nice plays, Snider made a beauty of a diving catch to save a run and J.P. Arencibia made an amazing heads up decision on the suicide squeeze in the ninth to at least get an out. There was obviously also some bad, J.P. is still having major troubles throwing out base stealers and the aforementioned Patterson looked lost a defense replacement in RF on that one play in the ninth.

On offense, the Jays got most of their runs in the 6th inning. J.P hit a HR to kick start the rally and the Jays went on to score 3 in the inning. Both Escobar and Thames had 2 hits each on the evening, Escobar scored a run while Thames scored twice and knocked in one. Jose Bautista had a broken bat hit that scored a run, he also walked and struck out twice. Lind, Hill, Davis and Arencibia each had one hit apiece with Arencibia hitting the HR as mentioned above. 

Carlos Villaneuva was again solid for us. Wasn't spectacular but got the job done. Going 5.2 innings while letting 3ER cross the plate, he did give up plently of hits as the Rangers really made him work, he threw 30+ pitches in the first inning alone. Octavio Dotel came in to finish out the 6th and threw a great change to get a K, Frasor threw a clean 7th and 8th giving up only 1 hit and 2Ks. And of course the ninth is when things went to pot.

Jays of the Day: Jason Frasor .257, Eric Thames .175 and I am giving one to J.P for the HR to spark the rally as well as the heads up play in the ninth.

Suckage: Marc Rzepczynski -.319, Jon Rauch -.471 although as mentioned its hard to lay all the blame on him for this one. Travis Snider came close with a -.092

Another night game tomorrow night since we are in Texas.