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Weekend Blue Jay Minor League Roster Moves.

There were some roster moves, over the weekend:

  • Scott Richmond: Dropped from the 40-man roster. there was no real reason to keep Scott on the 40-man, he has a 6.80 ERA in Vegas, he's been passed on the depth chart by roughly 20 guys. I like Scott, he started 2009 in our rotation and was picked as AL Rookie of the month in April of that year. He's had his fair share of arm troubles since then. He was a great story, but I doubt we'll be seeing him again. He's still pitching in Vegas
  • Chad Beck: Moved up from New Hampshire to Las Vegas. He's had a tour of the minor league system this year, he started at Dunedin, moved up to the Fisher Cats after 1 start and now the 51's. He was 7-4, in 22 games, 14 starts for the Fisher Cats. In 95 innings, he allowed 92 hits, 28 walks and 70 strikeouts. He is 26 now, not really a prospect. 
  • Deck McGuire: He is on his way to New Hampshire from Dunedin. Deck will start for the Fisher Cats Wednesday. He was 7-4 with a 2.75 ERA. In 104.2 innings, he's allowed 89 hits, 38 walks and 102 strikeouts. The 11th overall choice in last year's draft is moving up quick. It is good that they are challenging him. 
  • Wil Ledezma: Gets, at least, a week in the majors. Most likely will be sent back down Saturday when someone will have to be called up to make the start. Wil is 30 and has pitched in 187 games in the majors, 40 starts. He is 15-25 with a 5.26 ERA. A lefty, he has slightly reverse splits in his major league career, righties have hit .273/.358/.436 against him, lefties .297/.363/.438. But this year, in Vegas, lefties are only hitting .210 against him. Overall he has a 4.63 ERA in 46.2 innings, 47 hits, 18 walks and 63 strikeouts. 

But,of course, the move we are waiting impatiently for hasn't happened yet. I figure we should have a contest to guess the day and time the Jays call Lawrie up. I'm going to be in Vegas in a couple of weeks and I'll find a little Vegas 51's something for the prize. What we'll do is use the time stamp on the Blue Jays press release as the time of the deal. So it won't be the moment that we find out it is happening, most of the time someone reports new before the press release comes out. 

Make your guess in the thread, we'll make tomorrow noon Eastern the deadline for getting your guess in.