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Happy Birthday Brandon Morrow

Today is Brandon Morrow's 26 27th birthday. He gets the start today too. Years ago Bill James did a little study on how players did on their birthdays, I don't remember too much about it, other than one line: 'if you are a gambler, keep an eye on pitcher's birthdays'. I think I'd put $5 on the Jays tonight.

Brandon is my favorite Jay starter to watch. I've always liked the strikeout pitchers. I know the strikeout may not be democratic, but I always figure if you strikeout a guy, nothing bad can happen, it isn't going to bounce through the infield somehow. Anyway, Brandon goes into his birthday start on a bit of a roll. In his last 5 starts he has limited batters to a .189/.270/.262 slash line, with 9.6 k/9, averaging just less than 7 innings a start. The Jays have won his last 7 starts. He is 4-0 with a 2.85 ERA in that time 

Up to age 26 27, he is 25-23, with 16 saves, in 58 starts and 116 relief appearances. Not to shabby and I'm sure there is better to come. On Baseball Reference's list of 'similar pitchers through age 25', Carlos Villanueva is number 3. I really don't consider them similar at all.

Happy Birthday Brandon! How about a no-hitter for a present?