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More News: Gabryszwski, Burns sign, strong Edwin Jackson trade rumors

The Blue Jays have announced the signing of Jeremy Gabryszwski, a second round pick (78th) from Texas, as well as several other draft picks. Gabryszwski, a surprise selection, is a Texan high school pitcher, a right-hander, who has been up to 92-94 mph and has shown a plus slider (source: Jim Callis), but his velocity had been inconsistent and he had already had elbow trouble in the past. Andy Burns (11th round) is an infielder (SS/3B) who was highly rated coming into the season, but he didn't play due to switching Universities. News that the Jays had signed Jacob Anderson came out earlier today, although the signing has not yet been announced by the Blue Jays.

In other news, there are strong rumors that the Jays are trading Jason Frasor plus a prospect for Edwin Jackson plus Mark Teahen. Joel Sherman of the New York Post that the deal is not yet done because there is a money exchange that has to be approved, and because the Jays are trying to move Jackson to a third team. We will keep you up to date here on Bluebird Banter, in the meantime you can discuss the possible trades right here in the comments.