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Colby Rasmus is a Jay! Recap of today's moves.

So it has been an exciting day so far. To recap:

  • The Jays trade Zach Stewart and Jason Frasor to the White Sox for Edwin Jackson (I wonder how many major league teams have had 2 Edwins on the roster, if only for an hour) and Mark Teahen.
  • Then Jackson was traded along with Marc Rzepczynski, Octavio Dotel and Corey Patterson to the Cardinals for Colby Rasmus, Brian Tallet (yep, him), Trever Miller and P.J. Walters. Shi Davidi says the Cards will also get 3 players to be named or cash.

Looking at the players:

Colby Rasmus: The one we wanted. For whatever reason, he and Cardinal manager Tony LaRussa couldn't get along. Personally, if my manager and a potential star player don't get along, I get rid of the manager. I know Tony is a genius and all but Colby is under team control for a few more years, what are the odds that LaRussa will be around that long? Oh well, I guess you don't want the inmates running the zoo, but still, I'd tell Tony to get over it. Anyway, I'm happy the Cards didn't like him, just as I was happy the Braves didn't like Yunel Escobar.

Colby was a first round draft choice in 2005, made it to the Cardinals in 2009, at age 22 and held his own. Last year he hit .276/.361/.498 with 23 home runs and 66 RBI. This year he isn't hitting as well, .246/.332/.420 with 11 home runs, but compared to our two headed CF monster Davis and Patterson, he's great. There are rumors of attitude troubles, the usual 'he's lazy' stuff. 

His defensive numbers aren't great, but he'll be better in CF than Snide or Patterson. I'd imagine he'll be moved to a corner when Anthony Gose makes it to the majors.

Jim Bowden twittered this about Rasmus: 

David Freese told us that Rasmus is a great guy and misunderstood because he's quiet.

Why would being quiet be a bad thing?

Mark Teahen: More or less Canadian, a prospect that never did turn out. He his best season in 2006, his second year in the majors, hitting .290/.357/.517 for the Royals. It has been all downhill from there. He can play all the corner spots on defense. He'll be on the bench for the Jays. Basically the White Sox wanted to get rid of his contract. He is being paid $4.75 million this year and has a contract for $5.5 million next year. 

Brian Tallet: Well, you know all you want to about him. He's had an injury filled season, and likely will be put on the DL by the Jays. I figure another way to 'send' money to the Cardinals. 8.31 ERA for the Cards in 13 innings, this year.

Trever Miller: He was a Jay back in 2003, pitched in 79 gave for us. He's 38, has a 4.02 ERA in 15.2 innings over 39 games. Looks like LaRussa used him as a LOOGY. Making $2 million this year.  

P.J. Walters: 26 year old, 6'4" RHP. 11th round draft pick back in 2006. A decent Triple-A pitcher, has a 4.27 ERA with 87 k and 42 walks in 103.1 innings in Memphis. He could fill for a handful of starts in the majors if there was an injury or two. 

What we gave up? I'll miss Frasor and Scrabble a lot. I'm a huge fan of both of them. I'll miss them. Apparently the Cardinals are thinking of moving Rzep back to the rotation, likely next year. Dotel did a good job for us after Farrell learned how to use him. Patterson....I'd drive him to the airport myself, just to be sure that he is really leaving. I think Stewart is a good prospect but then we are up to our armpits in pitching prospects. Depending on who the PTBNL are, I'm trilled with this trade. 

None of the new players are expected to be in Toronto for tonight's game.