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Fourth of July Bantering: Travis Snider is Back!

Happy Four of July to our friends to the south.

The rest of us have something else to celebrate: Travis Snider is back and in the lineup for this afternoon's game! Which is more worth celebrating: independence and freedom or having Travis Snider back on the roster? Please John, let's play him every day. I really thought this was finally going to be the season that Travis would get 550+ at bats and we'd see what he could do as an every day player. But no.

Alex Anthopoulos has 10 days to try to trade Juan Rivera. I never understand why a team would make a trade for a player that has been designated for assignment when, in 10 days, he can be picked up for nothing. Yeah, I know a team above them on the waiver ladder might pick him up first, but, it is Juan Rivera. I think you could take that risk. But hopefully someone will decide they can't wait 10 days to get him. Alex said:

"We just started exploratory conversations [about a possible trade of Rivera]," Anthopoulos said. "But I've had some teams mention his name. I'm going to get on the phones now. We have 10 days to do something. I told Juan I'm hopeful I can get him placed."

i can't imagine much would come our way but maybe we'll get back some of the money we owe him, roughly $2.5 million.

Anyway, no one is happier than me that he is back. I'm very curious to see him play CF at some point. 

Today's line up:

Davis CF, Thames LF, Bautista 3B, Lind 1B, Encarnacion DH, Hill 2B, Moonraker RF, Molina C, McDonald SS.

A good game wins Rajai the lead off spot again, not a terrible idea. I'd like John to flip Travis and Aaron, but as long as Travis is in the lineup, I'm not going to complain. Yunel is still out.

Other little bits of news:

  • Darin Mastroianni comes off the DL for the Vegas 51's, catcher Ryan Budde goes on the DL. Yan Gomes moves up from New Hampshire to fill in for Budde. 
  • Frank Gailey (it's about time), Joe Bowen and Justin Jackson move up from Dunedin to New Hampshire.
  • Tim Mahler (who?) moves from GCL Jays to Dunedin, Jonathan Diaz drops from Vegas to Dunedin.