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3 Doubles for Travis Snider: Jays Beat Red Sox

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Blue Jays 9 Red Sox 7

That turned out to be closer than it should have been. Can I start by saying I hate that stupid wall in Boston. Saltalamacchia hits a pop fly that, in any normal park would have been an easy fly out, but in Boston it hits the wall and he gets a triple.

It was a great day for our hitters. Travis Snider (we missed you, now shave off that high school mustachio) hit 3 doubles. Aaron Hill had a homer and 2 singles. Rajai Davis had a single, double and steal. Even John McDonald had 2 hits, a run and a RBI.

Things looked great, when we scored 7 runs in the first 3 innings and Brandon Morrow was cruising along, then Brandon hit the wall in the 5, giving up 4 runs. Hard to figure how he could look great in the 4th and awful in the 5th. Luis Perez pitched a scoreless 6th and 7th. Jason Frasor had a tough 8th, giving up 3 runs, helped along by that stupid fly ball Saltalamacchia hit off the wall in left. But Frank Francisco saved us in the 9th, giving up a single, but then getting 3 straight strikeouts. There was the dominating closer everyone wants. Mike Wilner twipped that that was the 8th time in his last 9 times out there that Frank didn't allow an earned run.

Jays of the Day are Perez (.149), Hill (.133), Frankie (.105), Davis (.094) and Snider (.094). No one had suckage numbers.

Youkillis was hit by a Morrow pitch in the back and left the game. I suppose I shouldn't take joy in a guy being hurt but it couldn't happen to a better guy.

Tomorrow night Brett Cecil gets his second start since coming back from Vegas. Jon Lester starts for the Red Sox.