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Jose Bautista homers but Red Sox, with the help of a bad call, beat Jays.

Blue Jays 2 Red Sox 3

Let's start by saying the obvious, he was safe. Yeah, I know, you can't expect to get that call in Boston but he was safe. It wasn't an easy call, it might not have been the best slide, but he was safe. If you want evidence, here

It was a great 9th inning against that insufferable jerk the Red Sox use as a closer. Corey Patterson started it with a single and Jose Bautista homered to make it a 1 run game. Lind struck out, EE singled, Snider flied out and Arencibia took a walk to move EE to second. Then John McDonald was up, I figured they would pinch hit but they really didn't have anyone left. Mac came through with a single to left, Darnell McDonald charged the ball well, made a good throw, Varitek blocked the plate well, but Edwin was safe, but the plate umpire didn't see it that way. 

That was about all the offense we got today. We had a chance in the 6th inning. With two out Corey Patterson had a great, long at bat, working a walk, then Jose Bautista singled, giving us runners on first and second, two out. Now there is a cardinal rule to baseball, never make the third out at third base. Why? Because there is very little gained from moving from 2nd to 3rd with 2 out. With players running on contact, you'll score from second on almost any single. It is one of those things baseball players are told from little league, don't make the third out at third base.

Corey didn't get the memo and was caught trying to steal third. Blue Jay Hunter noted, on twitter, that Corey has tried to steal 3rd 3 times and had been caught each time. Please stop. On the flip side, Rajai Davis has tried to steal 3rd 13 times and has been safe every time. If you are going to try to steal third you gotta be safe. There is so little gain.When you are on second, you are already in scoring position. So if you are going to try to steal third, be safe. 

We only had 6 hits on the day, 2 each for Bautista and McDonald and 1 each for EE and Corey. JP took 3 walks. Jon Lester was having a very easy time against us, he had a no hitter going for 4 innings before he left with a 'lat strain'.

Brett Cecil gave up 3 runs in the first 3 innings but in all it was a good start. 8 inning complete game, with just 7 hits, 2 walks, 3 earned with 6 strikeouts. You have to feel pretty good about that against the Red Sox. 

Jays of the Day? I'm giving one to Bautista (.092 WPA) and JP (.090) and I'm going to give one to Mac too, he is listed at -.180 but that is because of the bad call at the plate. Suckage numbers go to Lind (-.180) and Snider (-.126). 

Snider played an inning in CF, after Rajai Davis was pinch hit for. 

John Lott Tweeted this:

Post replay, ump should, at very least, agree to talk to reporter(s) to explain/rationalize/acknowledge whether right or wrong.

I agree, everyone on the field should be accountable.

Tomorrow night is the final game of this series, Ricky Romero (7-7, 2.75) goes against Tim Wakefield (4-3, 4.82). I hate facing Wakefield. You never know if this is going to be the game when his knuckleball will be unhittable.