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I don't even believe that: Jays lose to Indians

Aaron Hill tries out for Do You Think You Can Dance. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Aaron Hill tries out for Do You Think You Can Dance. (Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Blue Jays 4 Indians 5

So we go into the 9th up 4-0. Frank Francisco comes in and gives up a single, double and walk to load the bases. Farrell takes him out for Luis Perez. I really don't like using Perez in that spot, but after being down 3-1 to Michael Brantley, he battles back for a strike out. Now there is a right hander up and I'm expecting a pitching change. But no and Asdrubal Cabrera singles, tying run is now on first. Then, first pitch to Travis Hafner is a thigh high, middle of the zone fastball and Haftner hit it a mile. 

I really don't understand using Perez. I really don't. Perez has been way better than we had any right to think he'd be, but that's not the spot he should have been in. 

It wrecked a great start by Carlo Villanueva. 6 shutout innings, 6 hits, 2 walks, 7 strikeouts. He did get a bit of luck, here and there but then pitching well brings it's own luck. Marc Rzepczynski and Jason Frasor gave us 2 scoreless innings then, well you know.

We got what should have been enough offense. Jose Bautisa had a solo homer. Edwin Encarnacion had 3 hits. Aaron Hill and J.P. Arencibia had 2 hits each. Yunel Escobar took 2 walks. We really should have won easy.

Jays of the Day are Carlos (.308 WPA) and Hill (.108). Suckage? Perez (-.826) and Frank (-.108). I think Farrell earns one too. 

I'm glad I'm taking tomorrow's game off. We are going to take in the 'Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth'. But Jessef will be around for  your dining and dance pleasure. Jo-Jo (3-7, 4.85) goes against Mitch Talbot (2-5, 5.60). It can't be worse than tonight.