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My Eyeballs Feel Like Pinballs and My Tongue Feels Like a Fish: GameThread for Toronto Blue Jays at Cleveland Indians, 8 Jul 2011, 7:05 PM EDT

Well, after last night's horrid finish, the Jays look to rebound tonight. On the hill for Toronto tonight will be Jojo Reyes. The Indians counter with righty junkballer Mitch Talbot, who is not nearly stingy enough with free passes (3.74 BB/9) for how few batters he strikes out (5.60 K/9). Couple his strikeout- and walk-numbers with a tendency to yield the gopher ball (1.53 HR/9) and you've got a pitcher that the Jays should be able to hit pretty hard. The righthanded Talbot exhibits normal platoon splits but is largely ineffective against batters from both sides of the plate. Let's hit him hard.

Lineups after the jump.

Jays: Escobar (SS), Thames (RF), Bautista (3B), Lind (1B), Hill (2B), Encarnacion (DH), Snider (LF), Arencibia (C), Davis (CF)

Indians: Brantley (CF), Cabrera (SS), Hafner (DH), Duncan (LF), Cabrera (2B), LaPorta (1B), Kearns (RF), Hannahan (3B), Marson (C)

Go Jays Go!