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Off-Day Question: Are you happy with the Blue Jays season so far?

We are 108 games into the season, 55-53. Just a game and a half out of 3rd place in the AL East. The record is about where I figured we'd be, but then how we got here has surprised me some.

Things I'm happy about:

  • We got Colby Rasmus. I have a hard time believing we got him for one good prospect, a few relievers, Corey Patterson and well, cash. The cash part is Mark Teahen. Next time someone tries to tell you that Rogers won't spend money on the team, Just point out we spent about $6 million to got Colby. 
  • We are, finally, getting rid of the placeholders. Patterson, Rivera, Jo-Jo are all gone and their playing time is going to younger players.
  • The starting rotation is falling into place. Cecil looks like he's back to what he was last year. Morrow is doing what he is supposed to. I like that we are taking a look at Mills. I'm on the edge with Villanueva, he's been far better than we had any right to hope he would, but I think we are at the high end of what we can hope for with the guy. I don't think he's going to surprise us by taking another step up.
  • Lind has shown he can play first. He's really good with the glove. I wish he was a little more consistent with the bat but we'll see how that all washes out. 

I'm less happy about:

  • How long it is taking to get Lawrie up here. I know, he'd be up now if it wasn't for the injury, but he's got a 12 game hitting streak now. How much longer?
  • The bullpen. It is taking Farrell longer to figure out the bullpen than I thought it would, and, course, now he's got a bunch of new faces there. Yeah they have blown a bunch of saves but beyond that, he hasn't really defined roles at all. 
Anyway, I wanted to ask your opinion: Are you happy with the season thus far?