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World's Greatest Invention

Well, greatest invention since beer...

Went up to get a snack at the game Monday. I walked past a beer seller and was curious that the beers filled from the bottom of the glass. I was kind of curious, so figured I ought to try one of these magic beers myself, just for research. 

The beer cup had a hole in the bottom of it with a metal right around it and a round Budweiser magnet. The bartender puts the cup on the beer faucet. That pushed the magnet up and the beer fills from the bottom. He picks the cup up and the magnet drops into place, sealing the bottom of the cup. Who'd have thought there was new beer glass technology out there. He said not to play with the magnet while there was beer in the glass. Of course, being told not to play with something, makes it tough not to, but I managed to drink my beer without emptying it onto my pants. 

To further study the cups I felt it necessary to go back often to watch the glasses fill. Purely for science. By the way Amber Bock is a very acceptable beer, if you have to drink Anheuser Busch products.