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BBB Podcast - Under 12 Parsecs - Episode 10

First things first, Sorry this took awhile to get posted. SBNation is going through some issues with uploading files to the server and things kept timing out. As a workaround I ended up having to split the file into two parts and submitted each file to a tech team member at SBNation. So a big thanks goes out to Kristen at SBnation for all the help, and I hope you are able to sort out the issues.

This podcast was recorded on August 2nd before Brett Lawrie's call up, again I apologize for the delay.

The podcasts are up on iTunes, please just be sure to grab both parts 1 and 2, I made sure to make a announcement at the beginning and end of the first part as well as a notice at the beginning of the second.

Direct Links: [ Part 1 ] and  [ Part 2 ] [ RSS ]




  • Gregg Zaun on Catchers
  • Is Rogers a hitters park?
  • Closers
  • Colby Rasmus
  • Instant replay in baseball - Tom's new favorite topic!
  • Catchers blocking the plate
  • When will Lawrie call up happen?  Now you can see if we were right!  Hint: We are free to predict Lotto numbers as well)
  • Aaron Hill, What now?



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