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A walk a day keeps the doctor away - Jays walk 9 and lose 10-3

Gotta love the bullpen. Every pitcher the Jays threw out there today walked at least one (Save for Miller). 9 Walks on a day? Aside from that, 10 runs to the A's? And there was no home run hits? You know what, I'm glad I missed this one.

I was listening along on the radio until I had to leave for a meeting at work this afternoon and everything was going smoothly for the first couple of innings before completely going to hell in the 3rd. Mills just couldn't work out of anything and gave up 6 runs in the 3rd, The Jays never recovered and took the loss. As mentioned the rest of the pitching wasn't too much better, sure a couple of errors really hurt them but when you have this many walks, you aren't helping yourself either.

Aside from the bad pitching our hitters weren't able to do much on the day either, 5 hits total with 3 walks. Arencibia, Hill, Encarnacion, Lind and Thames all had a hit with Lind and Hill getting doubles and Arencibia hitting his 19th home run on the year. Not nearly enough as the game was well out of hand before the Jays really got started.

No Jays of the Day, Brad Mills gets the suckage with a -.323. Because of all of the runs scored early no one else came up in a high leverage situation so the rest of the numbers were skewed lower.

7O'clock start tomorrow night as the Angels come into town. Vernon Wells homecoming.... I really hope he doesn't get booed.