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Vernon Wells comes home and leads the Angels to victory 5-1 over the Jays

Well they didn't boo, at least not at first. I can be happy with that. I am not sure what exactly was the attendance today at the Dome but it looked like almost everyone that was in the lower bowl gave Vernon a standard  standing ovation when he came to the plate for his first at bat of the game. That was really nice, and made me happy and proud to be a Jays fan. Then of course Vernon took the first pitch he saw (A hanging slider) over the LF fence. After that it was all boos. 

The Jays really couldn't muster anything against Ervin Santana, Of course this is nothing new, this guy always seems to have our number when it comes to the Angels/Jays matchup. Santana looked good for the entire game as he tossed the complete game (almost shut out). He gave up 7 hits and 2BBs on the day while striking out 6. The lone run came on a home run in the ninth inning by Thames. On the Jays side of the ledger things did not look so good for our hurler. Brandon Morrow was able to go 7 but he ran into some trouble in the 3rd and the Jays were never able to claw their way back. Morrows line on the day was 7 innings with 4hits and 4BBs again, he wasn't the typical Morrow that we see as he only had 3Ks on the day. The walks really will kill you everytime. The Bullpen was effective today over 2 innings as Janssen and Litsch combined to strikeout 4 over the last 2 innings to get everyone in attendance some pizza.

Our hitters obviously didn't do well today. Eric Thames and Jose Molina had two hits apiece, of course Molina was thrown out trying to stretch a double into a triple on one of those. Yunel Escobar, Brett Lawrie and Edwin Encarnacion had a hit apiece, Bautista and Lawrie each took a walk. Bautista also had a couple of bad throws from RF, all in all not a good night at all.

Tomorrow the Jays will try to even up the series with a 1 start time. Jared Weaver and Ricky Romero clash in what should be a good pitching matchup. The Jays need to get back on the winning track as they have now lost 3 of their last 4 and are 4-6 on the month of August so far.

No Jays of the day, Morrow gets the only suckage.