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I Could Spit on a Stranger: Jays Lose to Mariners 6-5

Well, that was a frustrating loss.  After putting up a good effort against Michael Pineda, the Jays fall short, giving up game-tying and -winning homeruns in the bottom of the eighth inning.

Henderson Alvarez put out a decent effort, pitching five innings and doing all right, but not exceptionally well.  It does bode well for the future, of course.

The Jays hit Michael Pineda fairly well (5 runs and 3 HR, by Eric Thames, Adam Lind, and Brett Lawrie, over 5 innings) but couldn't do much the rest of the way, merely holding serve until the bottom of the eighth inning, in which Trever Miller gave up a game-tying homerun and Jon Rauch gave up [another] homerun to allow the Mariners to take the lead and, eventually, the game.

I'd write more but: a. the game finished very poorly; b. i'm tired; and c. there is more interesting news tonight anyway, with the signing deadline here.

Jays of the Day: Lind (.244), Thames (.144), and Jesse Litsch (.242)
Suckage: Alvarez (-0.348), Rauch (-0.321), and Miller (-0.301)

We'll get 'em tomorrow . . . I hope.