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Tuesday Bantering: Back From Vegas

I'm back. Did you miss me? Thanks to Johnny and everyone else for keeping the place running while I was gone, I'm sure no one even realized I was gone. I figured to be posting more from Vegas but the internet at my hotel was less than optimum. Without internet, news of the Jays was hard to come by, except during the SB Nation conference. SB folks were great at keeping me up on scores and the latest news. Rev Halofan kept me updated on the Angel/Jay game even with his team losing bad. Gotta respect someone like that. 

Random notes from Vegas:

  • I had a $41 burger. And yeah it was good. Filet mignon and lobster with bacon, cheese and sauce in a hamburger bun. Also likely the best fries I've ever had came along with it. 
  • Saw 3 Vegas 51's games and we won each of them. They were nice enough to let me talk to the manager for a bit, so I'll have the interview up in the next couple of days.
  • Watched Danny Farquhar pitch for the first time. He was very impressive, throwing mid-90's straight side arm. Rarely do guys make if all the way through the minors as a reliever. Relievers just don't get enough innings, but Farquhar looks like he could be a good one. He could, at very least, be a right handed one out guy.
  • Travis Snider had a great series, 7 for 12, with 3 walks and 5 stolen bases. 
  • Kyle Drabek had a pretty good start. He did walk 3 but 2 of them were in his last inning of work, I have to believe that pitchers tire quicker in the heat at Vegas. The 21 walks to 30 strikeouts, in his last 10 Vegas starts doesn't exactly fill you confidence that he'll be back in Toronto soon. 
  • I'm not a gambler but I can put a 20 into a video poker machine and play for an hour, with pretty girls bringing me drinks. 
  • I'm also not a horse racing fan but talking to Matt Gardner, blogger for And Down the Stretch They Come, might turn me into one. A much of the fun of the conference was talking to guys from other blogs.
  • Meeting Rob Neyer turned me into a stuttering fanboy. Having him say complimentary things about our site made the trip worthwhile by itself.
  • There are a lot of great, fun folks running SB Nation, I really enjoyed meeting them. It is nice to be a small part of of such a great organization.