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Blue Jays Put Jon Rauch on DL and DFA Trever Miller

The Jays have made a couple of moves to shake up the bullpen. Jon Rauch goes on the DL with appendicitis (here I thought it would be 'crappy arm disease') and they have designated Trever Miller for assignment. Miller came over in the Colby Rasmus trade, just thrown in as a way to send some money to the Cardinals. He hasn't been good (understatement time). I happy releasing him. 

Lefties Wil Ledezma and Rommie Lewis come back up from Vegas. I saw Lewis pitch last week, and he looked really good. They can't do any worse than the ones they are replacing. 

Apparently Rauch had his appendix removed this morning in Seattle. I'm sort of feeling bad for the nasty things I was thinking about  him this morning. Maybe I'll give him a pass for the home run allowed last night. But not for the 9 others he has given up this season. 10 home runs in 50 innings isn't acceptable for a closer or anyone else really.