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Contest Time: Give Us a New Tagline.

I'm busy transcribing my little interview with Marty Brown, manager of the 51's and not having fun with it. It was pretty noisy where we were talking, so some of the recording is tough to understand. Since I'm not having fun with that, I want something fun on here. Let's have a little contest. 

We are in need of a new tag line at the top of the page. Lawrie's been here for a bit, so announcing that he is here is a bit dated. I could go back to 'an unofficial Blue Jay blog' but it is boring. Maybe we can change it weekly. 

So give us your idea for a new tag line? Something not too long, not too off color, nothing that would get me fired by SB. Something that catches the sprit of the site.

Maybe something like: Toronto Blue Jays, Now Converting Over 5% of Our Save Opportunities.