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Making Roster Space for Brett Lawrie

John Lott has a story up at the National Post talking about how Alex Anthopoulos will be looking to make space on the active roster for Brett Lawrie. Soon, I hope. Today would be ok.

The GM has no easy options unless he waits until rosters expand on Sept. 1. For what it's worth, manager John Farrell has said he would prefer that Lawrie make his debut in August before minor-league callups dilute the September competition.

Undoubtedly, Anthopoulos will try to swing a waiver deal, with Edwin Encarnacion seemingly a prime candidate. Otherwise, he would likely have to send an outfielder - Eric Thames or Travis Snider - to the minors until rosters expand.

I kind of think a waiver deal is unlikely, just because it would have been so much easier to have traded EE, or whoever, two days ago and it didn't happen them. Waiver trades can happen, we got Bautista through one, but it is tougher than a non-waiver deal.

On the other hand, I'd be sad if they sent Travis Snider or Eric Thames back to the minors. I know it would be easy enough to do, since they each have been up and down already this season, it wouldn't cost the team an option. And with both of them here we would have extra outfielders, but then having extra decent players isn't that bad an idea. We do have a couple of players that I wouldn't mind seeing Farrell pitch hit for, in the right spots. Let's say we have runners on and right-handed pitch facing Aaron Hill. Wouldn't you like to have Thames or Snider available to sub for him? McDonald could come into the game and we really wouldn't be losing anything.

What would I do? Outright Mark Teahen to Vegas. I know he would have to clear waivers, but he is owed $5.5 million next year, no out is going to claim him. It would be a lot to pay a minor leaguer, but then it is a lot to pay a guy sitting on the bench. 

The flaw in the idea? He has more than 5 years in the majors, he could refuse to be sent down, but I think if the Jays were to say 'hey you got a choice, go down to Vegas, play everyday for a month, and we'll call you back up September 1'. He's not going to get much, if any, playing time with the Jays anyway. Maybe they could sweeten the pot, tell him they will cover his gambling losses. 

If he won't go? Release him. It is a lot of money to eat, but we aren't going to play him enough for him to earn the money anyway, we aren't going to get value for the money. We just took the contract as a way to send some cash to the White Sox. He doesn't fit into the team's plans.