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Blue Jays Trade Aaron Hill and John McDonald to Diamondbacks for Kelly Johnson


Blue Jays traded fan favorite John McDonald and, not so much favorite Aaron Hill to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Kelly Johnson. All three will be free agents after this year, Hill would have accepted arbitration. Johnson? Well it gives Alex time to work out a deal with him or if he doesn't want to stay with the Jays we would get back a draft choice when he signs with someone else. 



Why do the Jays always do this to me when I'm on holiday? Anyway, quick find an internet cafe...

As well, Brian Jeroloman has been called up from Vegas to fill the empty roster spot. Kind of a curious choice, but they might want to look at him to see if he can do the job of backup catcher for us next year. 

Johnson is hitting:

2011 - Kelly Johnson 114 430 59 90 23 5 18 49 44 132 13 3 .209 .287 .412

this year, struggling much like Hill has been. The 18 home runs look good.  He is making $5.85 million this year. Bats left. 

Aaron, well, we all knew we weren't going to pick up his options. He, more than likely, would have accepted arbitration if the Jays offered it after the season. I'm a fan of Aaron's, I hope he gets it all together again, but then, like Alex, I wouldn't have been willing to bet several million, of the team's dollars, that he would. 

Johnny? If the team wants him back, he'll be a free agent after the season too. I'd like him in the organization as a coach but maybe he feels he has some playing time left in him. He is useful as a backup and, I'm sure, great to have in the clubhouse, if that matters to you. I loved watching him play, even more I loved watching him practice.  Apparently the Diamondbacks contacted the Jays about Mac and the trade was built from there. 

It is a wow of a trade. I don't know why Johnson hasn't been hitting but maybe he'll find his stroke here.  Alex has been interested in him for a while now and finally got him.