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Yunel Escobar hits a 3 run HR but it's not enough as the Jays fall to Royals 6-4

Not exactly perfect form from Bautista, bad night at the plate.. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
Not exactly perfect form from Bautista, bad night at the plate.. (Photo by Abelimages/Getty Images)
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Things didn't go well. Morrow didn't make it through 5 innings and it seemed everything that the royals hit was fairly hard. By the times the Jays got around to starting up the offense we were already looking up at a scoreboard that said 6-0 Royals. Never a good way to start a game. 

As mentioned Morrow wasn't really good his final line read as 4.2IP 11Hs BB 5Ks with 6ERs, as mentioned the Royals just seemed to have his number tonight and with a power pitcher like Morrow this can happen from time to time. When a team lines up your fastball you could be in some trouble if you don't have pinpoint control going at that time. On the opposing side of hte ledger, Chen was definately pitching well enough to get the win, he ended up pitching into the 8th with only 4 hits against with only 1BB, he struck out 9. Joakim Soria came out for the ninth for Royals and ended up giving up a run on 2 hits around 2Ks, but with a 3run lead he had some extra breathing room.

In the ninth Farrell pulled what seemed like an insane move at the time, he pulled Colby Rasmus for Mark Teahen pinch hitting in the ninth with a runner one. Mark Teahen represented the tying run. Obviously a lot of people in the game thread went a little crazy because this is about as crazy a move as we have seen. Turns out there was a good reason, earlier in the game Colby jammed his wrist catching a ball, hopefully he is ok as we are still waiting for reinforcements from the minors and are playing with a short bench.

On the offensive side of things, Escobar looked good and probably quite happy to be back home after a bad road trip, he had two hits including a 3 run HR, Thames, Lind, McCoy and Molina each had a hit apiece and McCoy drew a walk. Lind drove in the other run that came across in the ninth against Soria. Bautista did not have a good night at the plate finishing with 3Ks including one in the ninth.

Jays of the day: NONE -- Suckage: Morrow (-.267) Encarnacion (.105). Because the game got out of reach fairly early the rest of the leverage was low for the rest of the game and pretty much negated anyone else picking up or losing WPA.