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Moderate Moderators

The site has been growing by leaps and bounds lately and it has gotten to the point that it is hard for just Johnny, Hugo, Jessef and I to keep everything under control, especially when I'm off on holiday and without internet. 99% of the time it isn't a problem, our members are great but when we are adding new people, by the dozen each day, they don't always understand that what makes this site work is that we are a community. I often use the line that you are in our living room, don't say anything you wouldn't say sitting on the couch with me. 

So, to deal with the fact that we can't be everywhere in every thread, we are adding three moderators. The mods have the same banhammer powers that the rest of us have (course we are hoping they won't be needed) but what I'd rather is that they are able be in a thread and able to say 'please stop'. If you are asked by any of the mods to stop something, please do. Pretend that arguing with a mod is like arguing with the umpire, you might might get thrown out of the game. Arguing the rules is a sure way to get the banhammer to drop on you. 

The 3 new mods are Minor Leaguer, TonyFernandezSavedMyLife and Carm. Please treat them well. If you have a complaint with how they are doing their jobs, send it to me. Also if you see moments where moderation would be helpful, flag the comment and/or send me an email. 

If you are new and are wondering about what the rules are, they are here. Basically, be reasonable, try not to insult, try not to swear, be a pleasant house guest. Disagree sure, but disagree with the argument, don't insult the person making it. 

For me, the fun of this place is that, unlike most spots on the internet, people should be treated with respect.  Just because many of us are hiding behind screen names doesn't mean we should say things we wouldn't say to someone's face.