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Late stage comeback falls short - Jays lose 9-6 and drop series

The Jays lost the game despite scoring 6 runs in the last 3 innings, the problem of course being that the Jays bullpen was equally as ineffective as the Royals bullpen tonight. All of that being said the game itself seems overshadowed by a couple of issues surrounding the team.

In addition to the the most recent horrible news regarding Mike Flanagan, the Jays manager John Farrell had to leave mid game with what is being called muscle spasms, tweets from reporters in attendance are saying it isn't serious but he is on his way to the hospital, I may have had my differences with Farrell this year but I am sure I speak for everyone here when I say I hope he is ok. 

Also in the worrisome news category, Travis Snider sent out a rather omnious tweet that has a lot of people worried that the latest MRI had less then good news: I will not break. I promise you that. I will miss you all and can't say how thankful I am for your support on this journey. 

With all of this going on the game seemed almost secondary by the end of the night, which is probably a good thing since it didn't exactly go well.

Brett Cecil didn't have a great start giving up 9 Hits including a HR and 1BB with 5ERs. Camp came in for relief was was even worse giving up 6 hits in 1.1IP allowing a few inherited runners to score. Perez Lewis gave up a Hit and 2 runs (unearned) while collecting one out. Litsch finished out the ninth with one K but he gave up a hard hit ball too

Our hitters decided to take the game off right up until the 7th 8th and 9th when they scored 2 runs in each, of course by this time the lead was a bit much to overcome. The Jays had 10 hits in total 2 each for Encarnacion, Bautista and Lawrie, 1 each for Thames, Johnson, Arencibia and McCoy. Bautista and Johnson each drew 2 walks apiece. Arencibia had a rather impressive HR golfing it off of what seemed like the dirt, looked a lot like a Vladi HR, it was his 20th on the year which matches the total from Buck last year, of course Buck had a bit more of a balanced year at the plate. Encarnacion hit a HR in the ninth with a runner on which was his 13th on the year.

Jays of the Day: None 

Suckage: Cecil, Escobar and Lind.

Again this is one of those games that the early deficit caused the WPA numbers to be skewed and it become a lot harder for anyone to pull in any decent WPA by the end of the game.

Tomorrow the Rays come into town for a 7 start. Hopefully Farrell and Colby are back with the team and doing well.