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AL East Ejections by Team

Jose Bautista got tossed yesterday. By the sounds of things he said a key phrase to the umpire. Mike Wilner says that Bautista yelled "pay attention". Umpires don't like things like that, if you suggest they could/should be trying harder, you will be tossed. After that Jose put on a show. I'm really all for putting on a show. You get tossed, you should make it worthwhile. 

I don't mind a player getting tossed once in a while. I figure players get tossed for various reasons, sometimes the umpire is having a bad day, sometimes the player is, most often it is a combination of the two. It happens. If it happened to the same player 3 or 4 times a year, I'd suggest it is time for anger management training. For Jose it has been once and he is pretty intense, so he knows where the line is. It is sort of like having a good eye at the plate, some guys know exactly what they can say with out getting themselves tossed. 

I thought I'd take a quick look through the ejections by team for the AL East teams. 

Blue Jays: We have had 4 player ejections: Jose Molina, Jon Rauch (we all remember that one), Yunel Escobar (a very quick thumb) and Bautista. John Farrell has been ejected 3 times. 

Red Sox: They have had 6 players ejected.  Jason Varitek, Jonathan Papelbon (same game), David Ortiz, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Kyle Weiland and Kevin Youkillis (just once!). Terry Francona got tossed 4 times. 

Rays: Have had 6 player ejections:  Matt Joyce, B.J. Upton, David Price (2 times), J.P. Howell and Elliot Johnson. Joe Maddon got the thumb 5 times and bench coach Dave Marinez once.

Yankees: The Yankees haven't had a player ejected this season and Joe Girardi has only been tossed once. 

Orioles: They've had players tossed 4 times. Michael Gonzalez(2 times), Kevin Gregg and Jim Johnson. Buck Showalter went twice. 

I've got no real conclusion to put to this, other than I'm surprised the Yankees haven't had a player tossed this year. We are tied with the Orioles for second fewest players tossed. The Red Sox and the Rays (they play the game the right way, you know) have had the most. Unsurprisingly the teams with the most players ejected also had their managers thrown out the most, Rays 5 times and Red Sox 4..