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Question on Brett Lawrie's Defense

Being away, and away from TV's and Blue Jay games, for a bit now, I wanted to ask you what you think of Brett Lawrie's defense, now that you have had a chance to watch him play.

His bat has been great, even with the rest of the team in a slump, he hit .333 with 3 triples and 2 home runs in the last 5 games. In his first 21 MLB games, he has a .699 slugging average. I wouldn't mind him moved up in the lineup, just to get him more at bats.

I did listen to yesterday's game on the radio, driving back to town. Jerry and Alan were gushing in their praise of his defense. Not that it means much but he has made 3 errors in his 21 games, for a .960 fielding average. 3B's have a .954 FA in the AL as a whole. Anyone's going to make some errors at third, it is a long throw and many of the plays have to be made very quick. Fangraphs has him at a 9.8 UZR/150, again doesn't mean much in such a limited number of games. Personally I like his defense at least as much as anyone that we have used there this season.

Anyway, let's have a poll.