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That Was Ugggggly: Jays Lose to Rays

Rays: I lost count, 50? 75? Blue Jays: Zip

My mom says 'if you don't have anything nice to say about a game don't say anything at all. 

But I want to vent a little.

Who'd have thought, the first pitch home run off Brandon Morrow would turn out to be the highlight of the game for us? The second inning was awful. It started ok, ground out, walk, strikeout. The walk? I'm still sure that the 1-2 pitch that was called a ball was strike 3. If he got the call, it would have been a different game. Next John Jaso barely made contact with an outside, 2 strike, slider and it went down the third base line for a double scoring the walk. Next 2 batters homered and that was the game.

I did get to see Joel Carreno pitch for the first time. He didn't look bad. I hope I saw Wil Ledezma pitch for the last time. He gave up 5 hits, 3 walks and 6 earned in his inning. He's been DFAed already. Rommie Lewis was ok for his 1.2 innings.

On offense, we did nothing but strikeout. 18 strikeouts on the day. 14 of them by David Price, setting a new Rays record. The only Jay batter to do much was Mike McCoy, who took 3 walks. Jose Bautista and Kelly Johnson each had 3 strikeouts. 

No JoD, though I'm tempted to give one to McCoy for his .071 WPA. Morrow (.275) gets the Suckage, though every batter other than McCoy earned one. I'd give one to Ledezma too but he get the DFA, so why add insult to insult. I also want to give one to home plate umpire Jeff Nelson for missing the strike call for Morrow, giving Casey Kotchman two phantom hit batters and figured that any pitch Price threw that was less than a foot off the outside corner was close enough to be called a strike. 

Tomorrow night the Jays and Ricky Romero (12-9) try to salvage the last game of the series with the Rays. Wade Davis (8-7, 4.28) starts for the Rays.