Davidi on Snider


Davidi did a good piece on Snider's disappointing season. Really feel that Snider has matured over the last few years. I think we were all in love with his power potential, and chose to downplay his attitude when he first arrived. It sounds like he has really grown as a person and can now put things in perspective. If he had maintained the Lawrie-esque "Not Now Chief I'm in the F***ing Zone" attitude and struggled at the plate as he has, we wouldn't all be cheering for him like we do now. (Not that I don't like Lawrie's enthusiasm, just think we'd be less tolerant if he were maintaining the same swagger while going 1 for 90 on his career with 89 Ks and one GS HR..) I hope we do not sell low on this young man because I truly believe he will put it all together for us. While his bat has been disappointing in its inconsistency, it is his willingness to work on the other areas of his game that make me smile. Rake the Moon next year Travis!