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Brian Tallet DFA, Carlos Villanueva Activated

I really didn't expect this but Brian Tallet is gone. I figured they would keep him around but try not to use him, since they are paying him anyway and tomorrow rosters expand but then Tallet doesn't have a future with the team.

Glad to see Carlos Villanueva back, I'm guessing back as a reliever. We can use a decent arm in the pen. I like him much better as a reliever.

It seems that the Jays don't have a lot of patience lately, you have a bad appearance and you are gone. I'm not sure that is the best plan in the world, but I won't miss Tallet. I would be a little worried, my next time out on the mound, if I was Rommie Lewis thought. 

Lefty relievers are like cats, they always land on their feet but I'm not sure if anyone will be picking up Tallet in a hurry.