Jose Bautista Ad: $1205


If you look down by the Ad, you will notice that you can sponser the Baseball-Reference page about Jose Bautista for about a grand. As a sponsor, your message will replace the ad. The only three sponsored Blue Jays are J.P Arencibia, Brett Lawrie, and Edwin Encarnacion. The former two are messages of encouragement (I'm guessing the sponsorship was cheap) and the other is strictly a advertisement for a website. While looking through different pages, I saw many blogs promoting themselves and their fandom and thought it would be a cool idea for BBB to do the same. Some suggstions are; Yunel Escobar- He is young, popular and the sponsorship is relatively cheap ($155) Ricky Romero- Even younger than Escobar and is associated greatly with our team. His sponsorship is even cheaper. ($105) Brandon Morrow is the same cost of Ricky Romero. Jose Bautista- Of course he is the face of the franchise and, is arguably, the most worthy of a BBB sponsorship. It will cost a pretty penny however. ($1205) Rommie Lewis- His sponsorship is incredibely cheap ($10!!). It is a good median for a prank or if you are very vain and want to be a on a website. You cannot sponsor minor league players but it would be a good idea to sponsor Adeiny Hechavarria when he comes up as his ad will likely be around 5 or 10 dollars. P.S Albert Pujols so far seems to be the most popular page not sponsored so if you want to troll some Cardinal fans, the Ad only costs $1795!! If anyone finds a more expensive sponsorship, please comment.