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Why I Love Bluebird Banter: Example #1

Why do I love it here? I took a look at Shi Davidi's recap of last night's game, read a couple of the comments and saw this:

Okay, I am probably the first to say this but I am not a fan of Yunel Escobar . Yes he got talent and is doing good but something about him, I'm just not a fan ... I think it's his ways that he shows on the infield ... I can see what the Braves were talking about . I just don't like his attitude that he shows on the infield ... Okay, fire at me now

I love Bluebird Banter because there is no one this stupid on our site. Yunel is hitting .303/.383/.442 and plays a good shortstop. And this this guy doesn't like his attitude. Yes, he made an error last night. Yes it was a bad one. But then it made it because he wanted to turn a double play. That's an attitude I can live with. He has made 10 errors which puts him in the upper half of shortstops for fielding percentage (not that that is a good way to rate player's defense). His UZR/150 is 4.8 which would put him 4th among AL SS.  And he has a WAR value of 4.3, tops among AL SS. But of course, none of that matters because this guy doesn't like his attitude.

I love it here.