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Brett Lawrie Hits First Home Run: Jays Beat Orioles

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Blue Jays 7 Orioles 2

Can we call Brett Lawrie the GCJoAT yet? Not only does he get his first home run but he goes the opposite way with it. He was 2 for 4 on the day with 2 runs scored. He also made 6 plays at third base. A really nice game for Brett. 2995 hits short of 3000 now. 

Ricky Romero had a pretty nice game too. 8 innings, 4 hits allowed, no walks and 5 strikeouts. The only bad marks against him were the two solo homers that Mark Reynolds hit. He only threw 95 pitches through 8 innings but the Jays were up by 5 and it was very hot and humid in Baltimore. Glad to see the Jays be careful with Ricky.

Casey Janssen pitched the 9th. He did give up a leadoff single but then got a strikeout and started a nice 1-4-3 double play. A very nice audition for the closer job.

We got lot of offense too, most of it from the bottom of the order. Our 5 through 9 hitters had 11 hits on the day. 3 hits for Edwin Encarnacion and John McDonald. 2 each for Colby Rasmus and Brett Lawrie. And a 2-run double for J.P. Arencibia

The top of the order didn't fair as well. Yunel Escobar and Jose Bautista were each 1 for 5, Bautista's was a 2 run double. Rajai Davis and Adam Lind were both 0 for 5.

Jays of the Day are Romero (.218 WPA) and Bautista (.156). I'm going to give one to Brett Lawrie too, I figure you deserve a JoD for your first home run. No Jay had Suckage numbers.

We have an off-day tomorrow then start a series against Oakland at Rogers on Tuesday. 

I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow for a week away, but likely will be checking in fairly often. Be gentle to Johnny, please.