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Henderson Alvarez to be called up? Possible start on Friday against the Angels

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****UPDATE - John Lott confirms the call-up. Everyone get ready for the heat.

Rumours are flying about today that Henderson Alvarez has been called up to the Blue Jays. Lider en Deportes is a newspaper in Venezuela and is reporting that Alvarez is being called up to start at home against the Angels on Friday.

We have heard rumblings that this may have been coming for a bit, and I would like to see a source a little closer to the Jays report the call up but there does seem to be a Justin Jackson tweet about the call up as well so maybe this is actually legit? UPDATE: Dave Gershman says he is waiting for the press release but it looks like it is going to happen.

I know Alvarez has been lighting up the radar gun this year in the minors, but I am honestly unsure of the massive rush all of a sudden to get this guy to the big leagues. Keith Law in his recent chat indicated that while he liked Alvarez as a prospect but that he isn't missing a lot of bats at the moment. To me it seems like when the reports came out that this guy hit 100 on the gun that all of sudden everyone wanted him to move up. While I am excited as the next guy to see another prospect I have to wonder if this the right step in his development (Then again who the heck am I to judge).

Alvarez has spent most of the year in AA New Hampshire and has put up good numbers with an 8-4 record 2.86 ERA in 15 games (14 starts) 88 innings total. 66/17 K/BB with a .245 opposing batting average.

So what do you think? Excited to see Alvarez?