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Tempest, Teamwork, Triumph (At Sea): 9/10 Game Thread, Baltimore at Jays

The Jays' weekend series didn't get off to a great start last night against the denizens of Charm City, but today is another day.  I'm enjoying my weekend home before taking off on the road AGAIN - great weather, had a great 10 mile run this morning, played a little guitar, walked the dog, and now settling in for the Jays' game.  Also, if you haven't yet gotten a chance to check it out, scroll down - I wrote up a brief piece on Brett Cecil this morning.  

Henderson Alvarez pitches for the Jays - he's been an exciting watch so far this season.  He's averaged over 93 mph on his fastball and has plenty of movement to boot, but yet he has managed to control it very well so far this season (just a walk and a half per nine innings thusfar).  He's also displayed a nice hard slider with plenty of movement of its own as well as a quality changeup.  It has been groundballs aplenty for Alvarez, and combining grounders with low walk rates is a great way to succeed in the AL East.  I wouldn't mind penciling him into the 2012 rotation, even if he is being assisted by a .245 BABIP and an 82.5% strand rate, neither of which is sustainable.  

Rick Vanden Hurk pitches for Baltimore and the Eindhoven, Netherlands native (perhaps a favourite of Woodman?) is making his first start of 2011.  

Toronto's Lineup:

Escobar, ss

Thames, lf

Bautista, rf

Lind, 1b

Teahen, dh

Lawrie, 3b

Johnson, 2b

Molina, c

Wise, cf

Let's go Jays!

Today's title from the song by Anamanaguchi