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Tuesday Bantering: Miscellaneous Notes from the Weekend

I'm back from a weekend away, my dad had knee replacement surgery Friday. All went very well, he claims there is no pain and he's been walking and doing the exercises he's supposed to, so life is good. I took him home yesterday. They keep you awake for this surgery, there is a spinal block, but I'm sorry, if it was me, you would have to put me right out. There are not enough 'happy pills' in the world to make me lay still while someone uses a mallet and chisel (not kidding) on my leg bones. 

Some random notes on the weekend games:

  • Do you know how hard it is to get a bar to put baseball on a TV on the opening Sunday of the NFL season? Dad was doing good and Dustin McGowan was starting Sunday's game, so a friend and I decided to go to a bar to watch. We went to Shanks, a bar that has roughly 45 TVs, but they wouldn't put the Jays game on any.  On to the next, the Tilted Kilt or something. I pulled up, it looked like it was closed, no cars and a piece of plywood leaned up against one of the front doors, but I went in. Not a single customer, but a dozen bar maids wearing very skimpy outfits and 30+ TVs. Now they didn't have a single customer, but still wouldn't turn a TV to the Jays' game. On to the next, another 'no' but the waitress was sympathetic, she would have rather watched baseball too. Off to West Edmonton Mall. Hudsons Tap House has a TV at each booth, no they couldn't change it to baseball. Walked past the bar at Earls and they have darts on one of the TV's. "Could you change it to the Jays' game, I'll tip big? "Sure". Finally the right answer. Missed the first inning or so, but enjoyed a couple of beers and a nice meal and left a good tip.
  • Dustin didn't look as good as he had in his first appearance. Too many walks, it didn't look like he was finishing pitches but then results are secondary for him. Just getting out on the mound is the important thing this season.
  • I was able to watch the end of  Saturday's game. Anyone, other than Scott Carson, miss Gregg? One of the criticisms of bloggers is that we 'don't watch the games'. But how would anyone, that has watched the games, like Gregg over FrankyFrank? I know Francisco didn't start the season well and first impressions are tough to shake, but Carson knows that Frank missed spring training time and the start of the season with an injury, doesn't he think that maybe he came back too quick? Wouldn't you rather have the Francisco that we have seen over the last couple of month over Kevin Gregg, even if Gregg did have 37 saves last year?
  • That said, it is kind of funny that the Orioles seem to pick up all our crappy pitchers. I was listening to the Orioles/Yankees game, on my drive up to Edmonton Thursday, and they used Jo-Jo Reyes, Jeremy Accardo and Kevin Gregg. And still won!
  • Great to see Adam Loewen get his first MLB home run and he hit it to center field too. Not a cheapy. I'm also happy to see them play him in CF. He isn't great but I'd rather him get at bats than Dewayne Wise. We know Wise won't be here next year, but Loewen could be a useful 4th outfielder, especially if we aren't afraid to use him in CF. Cito used Jose Bautista in center a few times and it didn't turn out to bad. 
  • Nice to see David Cooper hitting well, in a very small sample size, 4 for 10 with a homer and 2 doubles. He said he is more relaxed than he was his first look. I don't know that we have a spot for him but glad to see him doing good. 
  • J.P. Arencibia has had an interesting week, just 3 hits but 2 were home runs and the other was a walk off single. And, is it just my imagination, or is he throwing better on steal attempts?
  • When we hit a little slump, after trading Hill and McDonald, we were treated to comments about how the team chemistry was wreaked. Now that we are on a little hot streak (5-2 over the last 7 games) will we get 'Hill and Mac were clubhouse cancers'? The trouble with talking about clubhouse chemistry is a)I'm not close enough to see how guys interact in the clubhouse, some look like they would be great teammates at least when the camera is on them, but how do you know they aren't putting on a show for the camera. And b) I don't care about it. I care about what happens on the field. If the players get along, great. If they don't but still play well, great. Do they let the team with the best chemistry into the playoffs? No? Ok, when they do, I'll care. 
  • When are they going to put Danny Farquhar in a game?
  • The Red Sox have signed Joey Gathright. Really they have, not joking. Don't believe me? Fine, look here.
  • Manny Ramirez was arrested. This isn't Manny being Manny.