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Baseball Reference Worst Full-Time Players of the Last 50 Years.

This is an interesting list, posted by 'Andy' at Baseball Reference, it shows the 20 players with the most Plate Appearances in a season they had a OPS+ of 60 or less. There is only 1 Blue Jay on the list, Bob Bailor from 1979, the 3rd season for the franchise. He wasn't a bad player, he could play a lot of positions but he never hit much, his career OPS+ was only 76, 

There are a couple more with Jay connections on the list. Alex Rios makes the list for his 2011 White Sox season, where he had a 60 OPS+ in 530 PA. And, our pal, Corey Patterson, had an OPS+ of 54 in 481 PA  for the Cubs

A few of the guys on the list are pretty good players, you really have to be a pretty good player to get your manager to keep writing your name in the lineup even when you are having such a crappy season. Hall of Fame member Brooks Robinson had an OPS+ of 58 in 1975, he was 38 and it was his last season a a full time player.