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Blowing a 5 run lead is never fun: Jays lose to Yankees.

Yankees 7 Jays 6

If you ever wondered what it would be like to have a game's worth of balls and strikes called by a magic eight ball, you got to see it there.

You really ought to win when you are up 6-1 after 5 but Henderson Alvarez had a rough 6th inning. A wild pitch, a hit batter, 4 hits including a 3 run homer for Alex Rodriguez. Other than that inning Henderson was great. I'm enjoying watching him, but then Carlos Villanueva had a few good starts for us too, so I'm not going to get over excited, just yet. But he should be in the mix for a spot in the starting rotation next year. 

Speaking of Carlos, he got us our 22nd blown save of the season, giving up a two run homer to Curtis Granderon, in his inning of work. His first blown save of the year. It was pitch 12 of that at bat. Granderson had fouled off 7 straight pitches before that the one that went over the wall.  Kyle Drabek pitched the 8th and 9, giving up just 1 walk, with 3 strikeouts. It would be nice to see him get a start, before the end of the season, to see if the good pitching, that he is doing for us out of the pen, could be stretched out for 6 or 7 innings 

Our offense got 6 runs in 4 innings off Bartolo Colon but then couldn't get a hit off the Yankees bullpen in 5 innings. Mike McCoy had a 2 run double and drove in another run on a safety squeeze. Colby Rasmus was 2 for 4 with a double. Jose Molina went 1 for 2 with a double. 

Jay of the Day is Drabek (.097 WPA). Carlos gets the suckage number at -.318.

Adam Loewen had a couple of misadventures in LF, dropping one very catchable fly and diving at and missing another fly by Brett Gardner, giving Brett a triple. Adam came out of the game, in the 8th, I'm not sure but would think that it was an injury of some sort. Jose Molina also left the game, an inning after taking a foul tip off his forearm. 

Colby Rasmus made an amazing catch, going back on a ball all out, to save us two runs. The Yankees turned it into an unassisted double play when Robinson Cano passed Mark Teixeira on the base paths. Cano didn't figure the ball would be caught, rounded third, Teixeira went back to tag up. Ooops. 

The plate umpire, CB Bucknor was terrible (equally terrible for both teams). He could not call a 0-2 pitch a strike no matter how perfect a pitch it was. And he called a strike for Mariano Rivera that was directly over the chalk on the batters box off the plate. 

Tomorrow we have another afternoon game. Freddy Garcia (11-7, 3.71) goes against the Jays and Brandon Morrow (9-11, 5.23) who really looks like he could be given a skip the next time through the rotation.