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Two Homers for Adam Lind, Great Start for Brandon Morrow: Jays Beat Yankees

Yankees 0 Blue Jays 3

Nice way to finish off out our series against the Yankees. 

Two guys, having bad seasons, combine to win one for us. Adam Lind hits 2 home runs. And Brandon Morrow pitches a great game, 8 shutout innings, 4 hits, 1 walk, 8 strikeouts. That's the Brandon we'd like to see more often. I'll admit, I was worried when he gave up a single and a walk in the first, but J.P. Arencibia threw out the trailing runner in a double steal and Brandon go Alex Rodriguez to fly out to end the inning. Other than that, he never had a runner get past first base. 

There were a few other moments in the game:

  • Edwin Encarnacion continued a bad week with the bases load, coming up twice with the bases juiced and two out and failing both times. Edwin was also caught stealing, in what looked like someone misread a sign. Edwin looked like he thought a there was a hit and run on. Either he or Kelly Johnson got the sign wrong.
  • Eric Thames hit a nice sac fly but also fouled a ball off his face, putting himself out of the game. Shi Davidi twitted that he split his eyelid.
  • Jose Bautista made a great play on a single by Eduardo Nunez. He seemed to deke Nunez into thinking he was throwing to second then threw behind him. Nunez went for second, and Lind threw to second to put him out. 
  • Frank Francisco got an easy save, giving up just a one out double in his inning. He messed up my theory that a hard throwing reliever has a harder time following a hard throwing starter. But it did make for an interesting discussion in the game thread.

I'm sure I've missed things I meant to mention but it is a nice day here, I want to get outside.

Jays of the Day are Morrow (.430 WPA) and Lind (.201). No Suckage Jay. Surprisingly Brett Lawrie had the low mark at -.057. I figured it would be EE, but we were already up 3-0 before the bases loaded fails. And Edwin had a hit and a walk before that, when the game was still at risk. 

Tomorrow we start our last home series, a 4 gamer against the Angel and Vernon Wells. Jay fans game him a nice welcome last time they were here, I hope they do again. Ricky Romero (15-10, 3.02) goes against Jerome Williams (3-0, 3.90). The Angels are 4 games back of the Rangers for top spot in the AL West. They are almost going to need a sweep to have a chance to catch up.