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Why I Love Baseball: Reason 65

One of the several reasons I like baseball is that you can always see something you haven't seen before, or at least rarely seen before. Here are, 152 games into the season, and the weekend series, with the Yankees, is full of plays that, well, maybe it isn't the first time I've ever seen them but they are extremely rare:

  • Saturday, the Yankees have runners on second and third, a ball is smoked to deep center field, Colby Rasmus runs a mile, makes an amazing catch. The Yankee runner on second, Robinson Cano, thinking no way can that ball be caught, has headed for home. Bonehead move really, if the ball hadn't been caught he would have been able to walk home, even if he hadn't started until the ball hit the ground. Mark Teixiera, on the other hand, waits to see get caught and goes back to tag up. They pass and Cano is out for passing the runner ahead of him. An assist is given to the nearest Jay, Brett Lawrie, for having nothing to do with the play. I'm sure I've seen a runner pass another before but I don't remember it. 
  • Yesterday's game, a single is hit to Jose Bautista. He looks pretty nonchalant, getting ready to throw the ball back in. It is game 152, he's done this tons of times this season, but really he is deking the base runner out. Jose throws behind the runner, who is caught off base, Lind Edwin throws to second to complete the out. How often do you see an outfielder throw behind a runner at first base? How often does it work?
  • And course yesterday,  this happens. How often do you see a guy foul a ball off his own face? Poor Eric has to leave the game and David Cooper comes in with a full count, takes a ball, walks to first and is lifted for a pinch runner. In his 20th major league game, he sees one pitch. Doesn't even get to play defense. I guess I had it wrong, I thought the rule was that the batter that sees the most balls would be the one to get credited for the walk. I see the boxscore gives the walk to Cooper. I knew if Cooper got a hit it would be credited to him, but I thought if one batter see 3 balls and the replacement sees 1 the original batter gets the walk. You learn something everyday. 
  • I also saw Mariano Rivera get his 601st save. I doubt I'll see anyone else get their 601st save. Course he was helped out by a strike zone that stretched from batter's box to batter's box.

Anyway, one of the several reasons I like baseball is because there is always that chance that you will see something that you haven't seen before, no matter how long you've been watching the game.