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Notes on Tuesday's Game

Rarely am I happy to have to leave a game, even if the Jays are losing, I like to watch the whole game, there is always something interesting. Last night? I was glad I had to leave, it was one of those games you wonder if anyone can play the game. But I thought I'd add a couple of notes to Hugo's recap:

  • Apparently Brett Cecil wasn't happy to be taken out after the 3rd inning. I'll admit I was surprised they took him out so quick. I have a feeling that his his reaction to Edwin's moment of stupidity. Brett made his aggravation plain to see. Not that I blame him but it wasn't like Cecil hadn't made any mistakes. The game started out great for Brett, striking out the side in the first but went down hill from there. He could have been helped out if Jose could have made that catch in RF, he ran a mile to get to the ball and then just missed it. And, course Edwin should have made that tag. But Brett wasn't giving up little bleeders, they were hitting him hard. Pulling him early might seem like tough love but it was earned.
  • On Edwin's stupidity: I get the feeling he didn't remember there were two outs, when the play was going on. If there was less than two outs, stopping the runner from going home would have been a good idea, but as it was, a tag would have ended the inning and stopped the run from scoring. You know how announcers always say they they can live with physical mistakes but mental ones, that was a mental one. Gotta keep your mind in the game. 
  • If I was Farrell, I'd have been arguing that the runner should have been out for leaving the base path. I know that Edwin wasn't trying for the tag at the moment the runner left the path, but he did try to after. I think it would have been worth asking.
  • Kyle Drabek didn't look good at all in relief. I thought he would get a shot at a start, before the end of the season, but after that, I'm not so sure. 
  • The missed squeeze/wild pitch/steal of him is ruled a steal of home before the runner was going before the ball got away from JP.
  • Nice to see Danny Farquhar have a good inning. I still don't know why Jeroloman can't get into a game like this. Give him a couple of innings, he's been here for a month now.