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Thursday Bantering: Links

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Nothing is broken. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)
Nothing is broken. (Photo by Brad White/Getty Images)
Getty Images

There isn't all that much out there for Blue Jay links, I guess we've all got the end of season blues. 

A fluoroscan after the game was normal, indicating only a painful contusion for Haren, who must drink a lot of milk. Strong bones also helped him survive taking a line drive off his pitching arm during his first start with the Angels last season. Haren, who has never missed a start as a professional, expects to pitch Monday.

I don't know what a fluoroscan is. 

"The whole time," Wells said, having produced a homer and double in Tuesday night's victory. "It's impressive. From the first inning to the ninth inning, it's nonstop. I've heard everything. I don't expect anything less now that I'm on another team.

Maybe fans was the wrong term.

I had MLB radio on for a bit this morning (gotta stop doing that) and they were telling me that the Red Sox were losing because of a 'lack of character'. Don't people ever get tired of this crap. They aren't losing because of a bunch of injuries and some lousy pitching. They are losing because they are just bad people. Ok, I'll give in that I really dislike Youkilis and Paplebon but that's not why they are losing, they are losing because they are playing bad baseball.