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Walk Off Homer for Edwin Encarnacion: Jays Beat Angels

Angels 3 Blue Jays 4 (12 innings)

That was a lot more fun than the last two games. 

Our 13th walk off (and last) walk off win of the year. We are 12 and 4 in extras and 11-0 in home extra inning games. 

I love seeing Edwin Encarnacion smile, it doesn't happen all that much. I also love how the team pulls the jersey over the head of the walk off hero. It is pretty cool that we've had so many walk off wins that we have a set celebration for them.

Anyway, great game. Henderson Alvarez had another really good start. He pitched 7 innings, allowed 7 hits, 3 earned and struck out 7 with 0 walks. He did give up a home run to Alberto Callaspo and a triple to Howard H Kendrick but those were the only extra base hits against him.

Our bullpen pitched 5 scoreless innings. Casey Janssen, Frank Francisco, Joel Carreno, Jesse Litsch and Shawn Camp pitched an inning each and only gave up 1 hit and 1 walk between them. 

We didn't score much, even with us getting 9 hits and 8 walks, with 2 home runs, we only managed the 4 runs. Our 9 hits were all from the first 5 in the batting order. Jose Bautista went 3 for 4, with 2 walks and came up a couple of feet short of a home run. I like that even in a slump Jose is the best player around. Eric Thames and Edwin had 2 hits each, with each getting a homer. 

Jays of the Day are Jose (.345 WPA), EE (.299), Camp (.143), Frank (.143), Carreno (.143), Litsch (.143) and Janssen (.110). Suckage numbers go to Johnson (-.252 on an 0 for 4, with a walk), McCoy (-.223, 1 for 6, though he came just short of a homer twice) and Molina (-.168).

We really should have won the game in regulation time. In the 7th, down by 2, Thames led off with a homer. Then Bautista walked. Then Adam Lind reached on an error and tried to go to score on the play. He was clearly safe but was called out. It was a bad idea to try to go to second but he was safe, the umpire just blew the call. A wild pitch scored Jose, tying the game then Edwin doubled, which would have scored Lind. Course, if the umpire made the right call, things wouldn't have happened exactly the same way. 

There was an interesting moment in the bottom of the 10th. Colby Rasmus walked and Farrell had Molina bunt. Unfortunately Mark Teahen and McCoy followed Molina in the batting order. I'm not sure there is any value in bunting a guy to second with those two up next. 

The Jays end their home schedule at 42 and 39. Tomorrow we start our second last series of the season in Tampa Bay. The Rays still have a shot at the Wild Card. Brandon Morrow (10-11, 4.98) goes against David Price (12-12, 3.36). I am slightly torn, I'd like the Rays to catch the Red Sox, but I never want to see us lose. Maybe it is just as well that I'm going to miss the games this weekend.