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I think you and I are destined to do this forever --- Rivalries and grudges never seem to go away

We all have them, the players and teams that we just can't stand. No matter what they do on or off the field it doesn't matter. Mostly everyone here has the standard ones with the Yankees and Red Sox which for the most of the past decade has dealt with the fact that we seem to be playing on an uneven playing ground when it comes to competing with the top payrolls. That being said I know there are other teams that I can't stand and even go as far to actively root for them to lose.

Putting aside the Red Sox and Yankees because there are enough obvious reasons to hate those teams even aside from the payroll issue (Papelbon, A-Rod, Posada, Youk etc etc), I want to focus more on some of the other teams that I like to watch lose and explore the potential reasons why that exists, some of them are rational, and others... not so much.

Atlanta Braves - I can't help it, it's been 19 years and I still can't stand the Braves. I was just a kid when the Jays played the Braves for the world series and I can still vividly remember that stupid chop and chant, the flag hanging upside down (Yes I know that wasn't the Braves but still) and the obnoxious fans saying that a Canadian team shouldn't ever win. Fast forward a few years and we get the delight of Chipper Jones rants about Toronto and seemingly poor attitude towards certain players. I just can't get past my hate for this team, and frankly I don't think I ever will.

Oakland Athletics & Minnesota Twins - Now on principle neither one of these teams have ever really done anything that made me hate them. In fact the teams have employed players that I love to watch in the past and still do. How can you hate on Canadian MVP Justin Morneau or MVP Joe Mauer. Even though there is a lack of ultimate success for the A's you have to admire the innovative direction and going against the flows approach that was outlined in Moneyball. So why do I hate them? On the surface it doesn't seem like there should be anything there, but really it is how these teams are portrayed in the media that gets to me. Honestly, I know I can't be alone in thinking if I hear the Jays broadcast team talk about how the A's or the Twins play the game the right way anymore in the run of the year I could just go crazy. It always seems like sweet justice whenever they lose do an error or some mis-play.

Tampa Bay Rays - Lastly the Rays...This is a fairly recent development. Up until the Rays broke out and even during their break out season I was happy for them. In the years before it always seemed like the O's and the Rays were at the bottom with us, fighting against the Yankees and Red Sox and I was cheering for them during the world series run, everyone likes an underdog right? It wasn't until afterwards that I soured on the team. We were overwhelmed with a sudden rash of Rays fans who just appeared out of nowhere. Every radio/tv host started to talk about how the Rays were now the example to follow despite all of the evidence to the contrary. To make matters worse the few fans I had to deal with personally seemed to develop a smug sense of arrogance about how their team was going to contend for years constantly bragging about their superior front office designs. Don't get me wrong, the Rays are to be praised for putting together a contending team on such a smaller payroll, but lets not delude ourselves on what helped get to them to that point. Years of high draft picks help build the base for the trades and other players they have as well as some career years from bullpen arms. 10 straight years of last place finishes (1 year was a 4th place finish...), that's the price for success?

What are some teams that you can't stand and what are some the reasons? Maybe you can never beat them in MLB The show? or your little league team was beat by another team sporting the same name? Sound off in the comments!