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Jays defense bumbles as Rays roll to a 6-2 victory

That was awful. I think it was worse since it started out so well. After scoring a couple of early runs and knocking Niemann out of the game after only one inning the Jays decided it was sporting to hand the game back to the Rays on a silver platter.

Ricky Romero was great and really deserved better. Had the defense not screwed up in the first he could have been looking at a 7 or 8 pitch inning in the first but instead it ended up being in the mid-20s. No matter though as Ricky continued to cruise through to the rest of the game. He gave up a HR to give the Rays a 3-2 lead but still looked great. He had two great pick offs of Upton however only one of them caused an out as Cooper took his sweet time on the second. In the 8th after Upton reached, the Jays had another error by McCoy. John Farrell came out to talk to Ricky but left him in the game, he got a quick out on one pitch but the next batter was Damon and he took him yard for a 3run HR that put a final nail in the game.

At the plate the Jays looked great in the first but not so much after that. The Rays bullpen came into the game after Niemann was pulled and things went south quickly. Bautista absolutely crushed one for his 43rd of the season and that was about it. The Jays did look to start something in the 3rd but Johnson was thrown out trying to steal second. Later Arencbia was caught trying to stretch a single into a double. 

In the field the Jays made three official errors but there was a dropped ball in the outfield that was absolutely awful with one of those I got it you got it, drop. Rasmus and Johnson didn't communicate it and the ball dropped, because no one touched it no error. Stupid. Cooper was awful and dropped a pop out in foul that was about 10 ft to his left and then right after that missed a bouncer from McCoy. The error gets put on McCoy because of the throw but it is a throw that a first basemen should be able to have. McCoy did make a few great plays but honestly it was all overshadowed by the Jays poor defense on the night.

Jays of the Day: Bautista

Suckage: Romero has the number but Im not giving it to him. McCoy, Cooper, Rasmus and Johnson, congratulations.