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Moneyball Open Thread

The opening weekend is over and Moneyball came in number 2 to Lion King 3D. Many of us have seen it. My youngest liked it so much that he has seen it twice already. I think I might go see it again too.

I figure it is time to have an open thread about it, I'd say no spoilers but I think we pretty much all know the story, there isn't much for surprises in there, if you know anything about recent baseball history.

Rob Neyer has his review here. I agree that it wasn't too long, it could have been longer in my view.

My only real complaint, and it is a minor one, is that they didn't have to made the old scouts look quite so old and out of it. Hollywood shorthand for old, show a hearing aide and a bad fitting toupee. I know this was one of the points of the story, that the scouts weren't willing to change with the times, but maybe they didn't have to hit you over the head with how old and out of touch the scouts were.

Yesterday, on the radio, I heard one of the MLB radio guys complaining about them doing a movie about Billy Beane when Brian Cashman is obviously the better GM and would make for a better subject for a movie. I don't know, I don't think I'd pay money for a movie about the guy that can spend the most money winning against all odds. Yeah there is a skill in winning even when you can spend more than anyone else, but I don't think it has that underdog appeal that the Moneyball movie has.

What did you think about the movie?