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Jays Win, Finish the Year 81-81

Blue Jays 3 White Sox 2

We've been .500 so often this year that it is only fitting that we finish the season at .500.

Not a bad start for Brandon Morrow, walked a few too many but allowed just the 2 runs in 6 innings. One off a solo homer and one that was a little suspect. With a runner on first Alexei Ramirez hit a ball down the line that a fan interfered with, the umpires ruled the runner on first would have scored, I'm not so sure. The next batter hit what would have been a sac fly anyway, but we don't knw that that would have happened if the runner was only awarded third. I generally think the umpires should rule against the home team on those plays. 

Casey Janssen, Shawn Camp and Frank Francisco each pitched a scoreless inning to keep us in the game. Camp gets the win to finish 6-3, Frankie the save for his 17th of the year. After a lousy start to the season, Frank had a very good second half.

We didn't do much on offense. A run in the first on Eric Thames double. Then in the top of the 9th, Chris Sales walked in the tying and winning runs. We only had 4 hits, one each for Thames, Johnson, Cooper and Teahen. We did take 7 walks though. Jose Baustista finishes the season at .302.

Jays of the Day are Teahen (.244), Frankie (.214), Loewen (.182, for driving in the GWR with a walk), and Johnson (.138). Suckage numbers go to Rasmus (-.179, not all his fault, he lost points for the bunt in the 9th, a play I really didn't understand) and McCoy (-.131).

So that's the season, but that doesn't mean we shut down here.  There will be all sorts of looking back at this season and looking forward to the future, plus all the new and rumors, so stick around, it should be an interesting off-season.