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I wonder, Should I Get Up and Fix Myself a Drink?: Blue Jays Drop Another One to Yankees, 6-4

Well, another frustrating game on Saturday afternoon.

Ricky Romero wasn't great but did manage to pitch through trouble, spreading out eight hits and three walks enough to give up just three runs over 6 2/3 innings (though he left two runners on base).  He was lifted after walking righty Alex Rodriguez.  Casey Janssen came in to face lefty Robinson Cano (that's how you leverage those platoon splits! . . not that hindsight isn't 20/20, of course).  Janssen gave up a double to Cano to put us behind (for good) by one.  He got a grounder that ate up Mike McCoy (who was in to replace Yunel Escobar, who was lifted with a jammed wrist), allowing Cano to score.  Janssen escaped with a long flyball to centre.  Camp pitched the 8th inning, which was notable for a very nice double-play started on a diving stab by Brett Lawrie.

The Jays had trouble bunching hits, scoring just four runs, in spite of eight hits, including two homeruns (both solo shots by Adam Lind and DeWayne Wise.  Wise also added a groundball triple down the right field line.  Aside from J.P. Arencibia, Yunel and Eric Thames (who was also pulled from the game early), the rest of the starters each got one hit.  Lawrie's double put the tying run at the plate in the top of the ninth, but that was as close as the Jays would come.

JotD go to Wise (.209) and Romero (.128).
The Tallet award goes to Janssen (-.475).
Hinske awards go to Arencibia (-.107) and Escobar (-.097). 

 Today's recap title continues the Beatles sleeping song vein started by Tom for the thread.