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With Eric Thames and Yunel Escobar Day to Day, Who Should We Call Up?

Eric Thames will be day to day after being pulled with 'dizziness' today, maybe he has the flu or something. Yunel Escobar will also be day to day will a 'jammed wrist', suffered tagging Francisco Cervelli stealling second.

Tomorrow it looks like the outfield will be Mark Teahen, Dewayne Wise and Jose Bautista. The infield, from third to first would be Brett Lawrie, Mike McCoy, Kelly Johnson and Adam Lind. Bautista was to play DH tomorrow, to give him a rest, while Lind was to sit tomorrow. But with only Brian Jeroloman and Jose Molina on the bench, I can't see them resting the pair. 

Mike Wilner says to expect a infield call up tomorrow, but not Hechavarria, which really doesn't make sense to me.I'd love to see Adeiny, and with Yunel out, he could get a few Major League at bats. The Jays don't have any other middle infielders on their 40-man who aren't already on the major league roster. I guess Darin Mastroianni could play second in an emergency. Other infielders in Vegas are Manny Mayorson, Ricardo Nanita, Jayson Nix (please no) and Chris Woodward. I guess any of those could be added to the 40-man and then removed right after without costing us anything. 

Also we have no extra outfielders, which is pretty hard to believe at this time of year, when we have expanded rosters. Rajia Davis played for Dunedin today, he could be activated in a hurry. Mastroinni could be called up easy. Or Adam Loewen could be put on the 40-man and called up in a hurry. Calling anyone up from Vegas would leave them short-handed but I'd rather them be short players than us. 

Do you think we'll be calling anyone up tomorrow and who would you like to see?