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Bluebird Banter AL Wild Card Contest

It is contest time. I have 5 copies of Baseball's Greatest Games 1993 World Series Game 6 DVD from A+E Home Entertainment. I just watched it last night and it is great fun to see Joe Cater, Roberto Alomar, Dave Stewart and all the rest again. I'll write up a little review for it later today, but here is A+E's write up about it:

From the start the 1993 World Series, matching the Philadelphia Phillies and defending champions Toronto Blue Jays, was a scoreboard operator's nightmare as the first four games produced 65 runs. Game Five calmed the scorekeepers as the Phillies Curt Schilling spun a complete-game 2-0 shutout. With the series shifting back to Canada, the Blue Jays 3-run first inning had the Toronto faithful poised to party for a second straight year. However the tough as nails "Dudes" from Philadelphia stormed back and carried a one-run lead to the bottom of the 9th inning. The sport's greatest leadoff hitter, Rickey Henderson sparked the action; the series best player and MVP Paul Molitor singled and the stage was set for an historic home run. With a mesmerizing swing, and delirious dance around the diamond, Joe Carter hit only the second World Series winning walk-off home run. Direct from the Major League Baseball archives, this extraordinary television broadcast includes the quintessential making of a Fall Classic hero, an iconic moment, and one unforgettable baseball game. A special DVD audio feature allows fans to watch the television broadcast and listen to the radio play-by-play!

How to win one? We are going to run one contest for each round of the 2011 Playoffs. 

This is the AL Wild Card contest. Make your pick of who will win the two AL Wild Card series. As well tell us how many games each will go. For a tie-breaker we will ask you how many runs will be scored, total, in the two series. 

So, what we need from you is:


  • Winner of Tigers/Yankee Series and in how many games.
  • Winner of Rays/Rangers Series and how many games..
  • Total number of runs that will be scored in those two series combined, for those that gave numbers for each series I'll just add it up. 

If you do not give us all three guesses in one comment, you can't win. One guess per member please (and if you have more than one screen name, please just use one, yes I'm looking at you Craig).


If we have a tie after that, the earlier entry (among the tied entries) will be the winner. 

Update: Oh, I forgot to mention, if you live in Quebec, I'm really sorry but you can't win. Quebec has really weird laws on things like this and SB doesn't want us getting arrested. 

Another thing I forgot to put in was entries have to be in by 5:00 PM Eastern time today, Sept. 30, as that is game time for game one of the Rays/Rangers series.


If you have a hankering to see the Official Rules they are here, all legal and stuff.