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Bluebird Banter NL Wild Card Contest

Sorry I closed the wrong thread earlier...this is open again. Sorry.


Update: I activated a bunch of new members, there is a 24 wait period to save us from spammers. If you want to join and skip the wait period, send me an email and I'll activate you. 


Here is the NL Wild Card Contest. The prize is a copy of Baseball's Greatest Games 1993 World Series Game 6 DVD from A+E Home Entertainment.

Make your pick of who will win the two NL Wild Card series and  how many games each will go. For a tie-breaker tell us how many runs will be scored, total, in the two series, combined. Reminder, they are best of five series. 

So, what we need from you is: 

  • Winner of  Diamondback/Brewer Series and in how many games.
  • Winner of Cardinal/Philles Series and how many games..
  • Total number of runs that will be scored in those two series combined,

If you do not give us all three guesses in one comment, you can't win. One guess per member please.If we have a tie (I really doubt it), the earliest posted of the tied will win. 

I am sorry folks if you live in Quebec, you can't win. Talk to your provincial government. Also if you are an employee of SB Nation, sorry again. 

Entries have to be in by tomorrow (October 1) by 2:00 Eastern.

For complete lawyer language type rules, read this, it is exciting stuff. Or if you want the shortened version, don't try to sue us if you don't win.